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All portrait sales are donated to a Rotary Cleft Palate Global Grant. The Grant will supply volunteer surgeons to perform free cleft palate surgeries. It will change a life forever. Thanks for your support.


About the Artist

I was born in 1934, so I am an old artist. After college, I played professional baseball in the Boston Red Sox organization before starting on my career as a stockbroker with Merrill Lynch. I retired in 2000 and took an oil painting adult education class in 2002 and  got hooked. I use only one palette knife, no brushes. I now use my hobby to help humanitarian causes for the less fortunate people around the world. As a Rotarian, I have helped over 2,000,000 people in 37 countries to get lifesaving clean drinking water.. My passion now is to help kids with cleft palates to get life changing free surgery.

Non Rotarian's, Rotarians, Rotary Clubs and Districts, who buy my paintings, get the extra satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to make the world a better place. Thanks for your support. The WaterMan

Commission a Pet Portrait

14X11 inches, unframed and shipped free. I will then donate $100 to our next Rotary Cleft Palate Global Grant for your personal Paul Harris fellow credit. I will also match the $100.

Cleft before and after 3.png
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