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19th Annual Duck Pluck 

January 20 & 21, 2024

In conjunction with the Annual Rotary Fine Arts and Craft Festival 

Venice Airport Fair Grounds

OUR ENTIRE NET PROCEEDS from the DUCK PLUCK event go directly to the Rotary Futures College Resource Center, at Venice High School. The Center was established in 2001 as a scholarship resource center, dedicated to helping high school students win scho-larships to college. The center is supported by a full-time director and a number of volunteers who assist students in selecting colleges, applying for and winning college scholarships and in qualifying for the Florida Bright Futures scholarship program. This program is used by students from all over Sarasota County. Since 2001, this program has helped students win more than $49,600,000 in scholarships, and has assisted thousands of Sarasota/Venice area students in their post-secondary education. Each prize awarded has been donated by local merchants, and each prize is worth at least $50 (usually worth between $60-$75).


Each Duck you purchase is identified by the number on your Entry Form, and is placed into a large pool. Every half hour during the 2-day event, we determine a prize winner by "plucking" a duck from the pool. If one of your Ducks is "plucked", you win the prize for that time period.

Online Secure Form - CHARGE IT!


Duck Prices:
1 duck for $6
2 ducks for $10
6 ducks for $25
13 ducks for $50
27 ducks for $100
75 ducks for $250
160 ducks for $500

You do NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT to win a prize.

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